Drape Like Janhvi Kapoor: 8 Must-Have Saree Trends

A unique blend of sport and tradition, perfect for a fun event.
Ombre Saree
Gradient hues flowing elegantly from one shade to another.
Floral Printed Saree
Vibrant blooms adorn the saree, adding a fresh and lively touch.
Kanjivaram Saree
Rich silk with intricate golden motifs, a timeless classic.
Dream Black Saree
A black saree with a touch of fantasy, perhaps with shimmer or unique detailing.
Fuchsia Pink Saree
Bold and bright, making a statement with its vivid pink hue.
Tissue Silk Saree
Delicate and lightweight, perfect for a graceful appearance.
Blue Banarasi Saree
Traditional Banarasi weave in a striking blue color, epitomizing elegance and heritage.